DECEMBER 15, 2017

Sheriff-Elect Langley Names New Captains

PHILIPSTOWN—Sheriff-Elect Robert L. Langley, Jr. announced the names of five new Captains
he has appointed as the command team at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. The five,
including the first female Captain in the history of the Sheriff’s Office, each have an average of
25 years of law enforcement experience. They bring a broad range and depth of law
enforcement experience from the FBI, the Westchester County Department of Correction, the
New York City Police Department, the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office, and the
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

“I am very happy that we have assembled a command team with such deep and varied
experience,” said Langley. “This is an incredible team that will elevate professionalism, raise
standards, improve public safety, and return integrity to the Department. The Putnam County
Sheriff’s Office will be in good hands.”

Top left : Kevin Cheverko, Captain of the Jail; Top right: Jon Jennings, Captain of BCI; Bottom left: Edward Swarm, Captain of Patrol; Bottom middle: Lisa Ortolano, Captain of Civil; Bottom right: James Babcock, Captain of Communications


Jon T. Jennings, Captain, Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Jon Jennings currently serves as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, White
Plains Office. Special Agent Jennings served as Acting Supervisory Agent of the FBI’s Organized
Crime Squad, where he was Lead Case Agent on several multi-year, complex organized crime
investigations. Over his 22 year career with the FBI, Special Agent Jennings investigated
homicide, drug trafficking, racketeering, money laundering and weapons trafficking. Jennings
was Lead Case Agent on multi-year complex organized crime investigations of the Genovese
Crime Family, resulting in prosecution of over 100 defendants. Special Agent Jennings is an FBI
Firearms Instructor.

Kevin M. Cheverko, Captain, Putnam County Jail
Kevin Cheverko currently serves as Commissioner of Correction, Westchester County
Department of Correction. A 32-year Corrections veteran, Cheverko rose from Correction
Officer, to Sergeant, to Captain, becoming Commissioner in 2010. As Commissioner, Cheverko
oversees the operation of the Westchester County Jail, including its Inmate Programs, Gang
Intelligence Unit, Special Housing Unit, and National Accreditation. The Westchester County
Jail, which is larger than the Putnam County Jail by almost tenfold, has a capacity of 1,800 inmates. Commissioner Cheverko has received national and local accreditations and
commendations for the Westchester County Jail by the United States Department of Justice,
the New York State Commission of Correction, and the American Correctional Association.
Among other goals, Cheverko will work to have the Putnam County Jail nationally accredited.

Edward W. Swarm, Jr., Captain, Road Patrol
Edward Swarm served for 24 years with the New York City Police Department, rising from Patrol
Officer, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant of Detectives. Mr. Swarm led an Impact Unit, rotating in high
crime areas, responding to major crimes. As a Platoon Commander, Swarm managed all
command operations in his Precinct, deploying officers in response to emergencies. After being
promoted to Lieutenant of Detectives, Swarm managed a team of 20 detectives, supervising
criminal investigations from robbery to homicide. Swarm served as a Patrol Supervisor, where
he managed police officers and coverage, and as Anti-Crime Supervisor, targeting high crime
areas. Swarm led a team of plainclothes officers on patrols to arrest suspects in the act of
committing crimes.

Lisa Ortolano, Esq., Captain, Civil Division
Lisa Ortolano brings over 27 years of criminal and civil law experience as a career prosecutor,
defense attorney, and civil litigator. Ortolano served as a Supervisor of the Bronx County
District Attorney’s Criminal Court Bureau and as Deputy Bureau Chief, where she supervised
over 60 attorneys in the prosecution of violent felony offenses, domestic violence, and drug-
related crimes. Ortolano also trained Assistant District Attorneys in litigation and ethics. Ms.
Ortolano joined the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office in 2009, and served as First
Assistant District Attorney, providing essential leadership in the office and and supervising
Assistant District Attorneys in the prosecution of cases.

James Babcock, Captain, Communications
James Babcock served in the Putnam County Sheriff's Department from 1993 until 2016. While
serving in the Road Patrol Division, Babcock was selected as a Field Training Officer, and in 2008
was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He also was a member of the Sheriff’s Marine Patrol
Unit and the Emergency Response Team during his tenure in the division. In 2011 Sergeant
Babcock was selected for the position of Criminal Investigator and assigned to Bureau of
Criminal Investigations. Investigator Babcock was selected to attend and complete numerous
training opportunities given by FBI, New York City Police Department and the New York State
Police. Additionally, Babcock serves as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer with the 105th Air Wing Communications Flight at New York Air National Guard Base, Newburgh, New York, a
military career with over 20 years of service.




NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Langley Responds to Election Results: Putnam County Voters Made Themselves Heard

PHILIPSTOWN—Yesterday, record numbers of Putnam County residents went to the polls, and it appears that we have won an historic victory. Voters sent a clear message that we need a Sheriff with integrity, and one worthy of trust. I am honored and humbled by the trust you have placed in me.

All of Putnam County deserves Sheriff’s Deputies who are accessible members of our communities. All of Putnam County deserves to feel safe and protected by County law enforcement regardless of political persuasion.

Like the majority of voters who cast ballots yesterday, I am eager for the final results of this election. I have great respect for our democracy, and believe it is important that every voter who took the time to cast a ballot, including absentee ballots, have their vote counted. I am confident that we have won this election. We will turn the page to honest policing in Putnam County, and together we will return integrity to the Office of Sheriff.

For more information, contact



November 1, 2017

PHILIPSTOWN— Citing Robert Langley’s integrity, law enforcement experience,
and leadership capacity, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney is endorsing the
candidate for Putnam County Sheriff.
“Robert Langley is uniquely qualified to lead the Putnam County Sheriff’s
Department,” said Maloney. “Langley has 23 years of law enforcement experience
with the Sheriff’s Office, at every level. He has also served as a volunteer
firefighter in Mahopac, Garrison and Continental Village. He has spent his career
serving Putnam County honorably.”

Langley, a lifelong Putnam County resident, thanked Congressman Maloney for
his endorsement. “I am grateful for Congressman Maloney’s support. We share
similar approaches to fighting the opioid crisis, such as diverting first-time drug
offenders to treatment facilities, instead of warehousing them in jail. We need to
address the root causes of addiction in order to solve the opioid crisis and make
Putnam County safer.”

“Robert Langley is ready to lead the Sheriff’s Department from Day One,”said
Maloney. “We will be in good hands with Robert Langley as Sheriff.”

Robert Langley can be contacted at

Downloadable version: Langley Post Election Press Release.11.08.17



September 28, 2017


Sheriff Candidate Robert L. Langley Jr: Journal News Investigation Reveals that “Putnam County is Being Policed by a Criminal”

PHILIPSTOWN – An investigative report by the Journal News, released today, reveals that Putnam County Sheriff Don Smith’s lies and abuse of office are far more extensive than first believed. Earlier this year, Smith admitted that he lied in press releases regarding former Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy, and Levy’s personal trainer, Alexandru Hossu. The Journal News discovered that Smith used the same admitted lie in letters to the Governor, the New York State Attorney General, the FBI, and other Federal authorities, asking them to investigate Levy. Smith sent these letters in his official capacity, on Putnam County Sheriff’s Office letterhead.

The Journal News further found that Smith committed perjury under oath, when he lied in a sworn deposition about his contacts with the Department of Homeland Security concerning Levy.

“This investigation reveals that Putnam County is being policed by a criminal,” said Sheriff candidate Robert L. Langley, Jr. “Smith lied over and over again, over a three year period. Smith’s lies are costing taxpayers money—a lot of money. We’ve already paid $125,000 for his settlement with Levy. Now we’re likely to pay millions of dollars to settle the civil rights case with Alexandru Hossu. What further wrongdoings will be revealed about Smith? How much more will we pay for his criminality?”

“The people of Putnam County have paid Smith to protect us,” said Langley. “Instead, he committed fraud and violated the public trust; he spent nearly his entire last term fabricating charges in a personal vendetta. Smith is a bully with badge—a badge we pay for.”

For more information, contact


Downloadable version: Langley Press Release.09.28.17




September 25, 2017

Philipstown – Robert L. Langley, Jr, candidate for Putnam County Sheriff, has announced his position statement.

Langley says he is running “because Putnam County deserves a Sheriff with professional qualifications: I have direct law enforcement experience, leadership skills and, importantly, I have the integrity necessary to be the Putnam County Sheriff.”

Langley served 23 years with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department—starting in the Corrections Division, then 16 years in the road patrol and as a canine handler, followed by five years as a criminal investigator in forensics and identification. He is challenging incumbent, Don Smith, who has never been a police officer.

Smith recently admitted that he lied and defamed former Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy. The settlement of the case Levy brought cost county taxpayers $125,000, while Smith paid only $25,000 from his personal funds. Ongoing civil action related to the case could have taxpayers on the hook for as much as $45 million.

Langley calls Smith a “fiscal liability” to Putnam County, and says that Smith’s personal vendettas have politicized the Office of Sheriff. Langley asserts that “Policing is too important to be political. Playing politics detracts from the vital work of law enforcement—I will return integrity to the Office of Sheriff.”

Putnam County’s opioid crisis will be the most important element of Langley’s administration. He charges that Smith has been “asleep at the wheel” while lives are being lost across the County. He calls Smith “soft on crime” for taking no steps to treat addicts in his custody before releasing them back into communities to repeat offend.

Langley will deliver a proactive response to the opioid crisis that addresses its root cause: addiction. He will bring fiscally-sound, ethical leadership to the Sheriff’s Department. And he will expand and improve community policing programs. “It’s not tactically advantageous,” Langley says, “to have distance between Deputies and the people.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th. Voters can learn more about Robert Langley at or by contacting Langley at

Downloadable version:  Press Release Langley Position Statement.9.25.17pdf