I’m Robert Langley, and I want to be your Sheriff. I’m running because Putnam County deserves a Sheriff with professional qualifications: I have direct law enforcement experience, leadership skills and, importantly, I have the integrity necessary to be the Putnam County Sheriff. I hope I’ll earn your vote on Tuesday, November, 7th.I love Putnam County. I grew up in the Town of Carmel and I’ve lived in Philipstown for almost 20 years. I served 23 years with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department—starting in the Corrections Division, then 16 years in the road patrol and as a canine handler, followed by five years as a criminal investigator in forensics and identification. I have led as the president of the Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association. I have served and led in the Mahopac, Continental Village and Garrison Fire Departments. My adult life has been dedicated to public service. I have a solid plan to Return Integrity to the Office of Sheriff. 

  • I will deliver a proactive, community-based response to the opioid crisis—I will address the root cause: addiction.
  • I will deliver fiscally sound, ethical leadership, free from political influence and personal vendettas.
  • I will deliver a clear public safety plan based on community policing and direct engagement among our Deputies and our neighbors.

The current Sheriff, Don Smith, has never been a police officer—he has no law enforcement background. He has been in office since 2002—four terms—and has done little to bring essential services to our communities. His abuse of office has degraded public trust in law enforcement throughout Putnam County. His lawsuits and settlements have cost County taxpayers far too much. He has lied, and we are paying for those lies. And we are likely to may pay more as current lawsuits unfold. Smith is a financial liability for the taxpayers of Putnam County. Our communities deserve better, and the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department deserve better. I will return integrity to the Office of Sheriff.


Our communities are experiencing the heartbreak and economic destruction of opioid abuse. But throughout this crisis, Smith has been asleep at the wheel. We are losing lives—including many young people—across Putnam County. I see the devastation of families. I know it and I feel it—I’ve lost people in my life, too. Many families are suffering silently; Smith is silent as well. I will not be silent. It is the job of your Sheriff to speak out and to take action. I will. Smith wants you to think he’s hard on crime. His Deputies arrest addicts, he holds them, and he does nothing to address their addiction. He releases addicts back onto our streets, into our neighborhoods, to repeat offend and feed their addiction. He has shown us that he is not up to the task of addressing opioids—Don Smith is soft on crime. My plan for addressing the opioid crisis will be the most important program of my administration. When we have addicts in custody, we need to seize the opportunity and help them break their cycle of dependency and crime. My program has three major components.

I Will Work to Establish Alternate Courts Across the County

Alternate courts were introduced during the crack epidemic, and they worked. They’re working today in neighboring Dutchess County and all across the nation. Addicts who commit theft and other low-level crimes to feed their addiction are identified in custody. They enter into an agreement with the court to seek treatment, refrain from committing further crimes and submit to monitoring. Smith has done nothing to deliver this program to our communities. I will collaborate with our Judges to help establish alternate courts in Putnam County.

I Will Address Addiction in Our County Jail

Smith is wasting his best opportunity to get addicts into treatment and break the cycle of addiction and crime. Addicts are in his care. By not helping them—by releasing them back onto the street—he’s telling them, he’s telling their families, and he’s telling his community that he doesn’t care. I will build relationships with hospitals and treatments centers to get addicts the help that they need. I am equipped to take on this epidemic with you, and I will.

I Will Help Deputies Build Trust in Our Communities

Communities need to know their Deputies and trust them. The Department needs to have eyes on the ground to recognize individuals and families in trouble and intervene early. I will build these connections through better community policing.


Smith has imperiled the fiscal health of this County by playing politics and abusing his office in pursuit of political rivals. He is a fiscal liability for us all. In the Levy case, he lied, we paid, and, with the movement of this case into the civil courts, we very well may pay more for years to come. Smith’s misdeeds could bankrupt Putnam County. Policing is too important to be political. There is no for place for politics in the Sheriff’s Department. Playing politics detracts from the vital work of law enforcement. I will take politics out of the Sheriff’s office. I know Putnam County. I’ve patrolled every mile of it. I know its communities, and I know its police forces. I will strategically deploy Sheriff’s Department resources—matching protection to needs, and decreasing response times. Relationships with local police forces have been damaged under Smith. I will rebuild those relationships to ensure that we are working together, as one, to keep our communities safe and use budget dollars wisely.


Under Smith, Deputies are not encouraged to maintain connections with the communities they police, and the Sheriff isn’t trusted. This disconnect is not the fault of Deputies—their leader has failed them, and he has failed his constituents as well. I will increase engagement with the public, and get our Deputies out of their cars and into our communities. It’s not tactically advantageous to have distance between Deputies and the people. Both sides need to trust each other and work together—we need each other to fight crime and fight the opioid crisis. Community policing will be central to my administration. We have an excellent model for community policing in the Sheriff Department’s School Resource Officer program. We need to scale up this hands-on, relationship-based model and build connections among communities, local police officers, and Deputies. I have high expectations for public engagement, and I know that the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department can meet them and deliver for you.


I can’t win this campaign without you. I can’t win it without everyone – Democrats, Republicans, Independents. This isn’t a party race. This is a race to bring us back to a baseline of ethical policing in our County. I’m asking you to believe in me. I am asking you for your vote, and I’m asking you to encourage others to vote for me as well. If you’d like more information, or if you need help registering to vote and/or securing an absentee ballot, please contact me at

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