Langley Headshot

Thank you, Putnam County for putting your trust in me and electing me Sheriff. I thank those who voted for me, and I am eager to earn the support of those who did not. I pledge to work hard for everyone in Putnam--to serve with integrity and accountability to the public.

I am grateful to all those who worked so hard to see me elected -- canvassers, callers, hosts of forums and house events, my campaign team and donors. Everyone gave their all. I am proud of the team we built and the good work we did. We won this race together.

To the men and women of the Sheriff's Department, I am eager to work alongside you and serve the public with you. In the coming weeks, I will be planning my transition into office and considering appointments that I believe will best serve our communities and our team.

Let's get to work Putnam. Let's return integrity to the Office of Sheriff, together.